Behind the Scenes: How its made

Here at Yesterday's Girl we are committed to making our clothing in the most sustainable way we can. All of our garments are designed and lovingly handmade right here in the UK, using beautiful fabrics for longer lasting clothing. We do not produce overseas and everything is made in small quantities as limited editions, to help you create a truly unique vintage style. What's more all of our packaging is recyclable to help minimise our impact on our beautiful planet.  


yesterday's girl clothing vintage inspired retro style womens clothing handmade sustainable made in the uk

That's me, Jackie! I started Yesterday's Girl in 2018, and I design, make, package and post your lovely orders. 

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at just how they're made! 

1) The Design

We love vintage, and we love creating one-of-a-kind garments to add some vintage flair to your wardrobe. All of our clothes are inspired by the silhouettes of the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Every design starts with an idea, but it can be a long process transforming them into a beautifully unique garment for your vintage wardrobe. We begin with a sketch, which we then use to draft a working pattern. 

vintage style dresses dressmaking pattern cutting fashion design handmade sustainable clothing fashion flatlay


2) Testing the Pattern

From the pattern we create a draft of the garment out of muslin, to test how it fits. This is called a toile. Depending on the fit, we may have to create several toiles until it's absolutely perfect!

handmade sustainable vintage style vintage inspired retro clothing

3) Grading the Pattern

Once we are happy with the fit and design of the pattern, and we're confident the pattern is absolutely perfect, the pattern is then graded into different sizes. Currently we grade our patterns into sizes 8-14.

How our garments are made. The vintage style dress pattern graded into different sizes.

4) Sourcing Our Fabrics

Next up, we need to source the right fabrics for each design and this is our favourite part! We source our fabrics from suppliers in the UK and Europe, and as much as possible we try to source beautiful, high quality overstock fabrics that would otherwise go to waste and turn them into uniquely lovely clothing for you. We use a variety of fabrics from cottons, linens, crepes, and wool mix fabrics. The more colourful and quirky the print, the better!

vintage style fabrics sustainable deadstock overstock

5) Preparing the Fabric

Once we have sourced our fabrics, we cut out the pattern pieces in all the different sizes, ready to be sewn. 

cutting fabric retro pattern cutting vintage inspired vintage style clothing retro handmade slow fashion

6) Making Our Clothes

Then each of our garments are carefully hand sewn together, starting with the bodice. 

sewing our garments

Once all the pieces have been sewn together, its just then adding the finishing touches such as buttons, zips and trims. 

polka dot evelyn dress

We're proud that all of our garments are lovingly handmade in the UK. We only make a handful of each garment, so once they're gone, they're gone! That way you know you're buying something which is truly unique.

vintage style dresses 1940s tea dresses retro clothing handmade sustainable slow fashion


7) Ready to Ship!

Finally they are all packaged up ready to be shipped! We love seeing our clothes go to a loving new home! All of our packaging is recyclable. 

yesterday's girl clothing retro vintage style dresses shipping worldwide